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Basically, I take your penis into my mouth. This causes immense pleasure starus the male, but not so lisanna straus natsu sex the female. She then lowered her head onto Natsu's cock, causing instant response. His hips thrusted out of instinct, causing a good amount xxxx.poto. his cock to lisanna straus natsu sex into the woman's mouth.

She raised herself, mouth uncovering now wet cock. I know it feels good to you Natsu, but you need to try and warn me if you're gonna thrust like that. The knight then proceeded to lower her head back onto the cock, the length going in about 4 inches before her gag reflex kicked in.

She shuddered, and the vibrations brought Natsu immense pleasure. Sttraus braced herself, then slammed her head onto the cock, lisanna straus natsu sex in all 11 inches of the large phallus. This brought Natsu over the edge, cum spurting out of his cock, down her throat. He came for a good 10 seconds, absolutely filling the woman up. He then began to bring his cock out of her mouth, still cumming.

He came all over her tits, glazing them with a layer of his thick, creamy semen. I really don't know what came over myself. What I just did was a deepthroat.

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As the name suggests, your penis goes deep into my mouth. This is a bit dangerous and could cause someone without magic to suffocate and pass out. Most women will have a hymen, though, I broke mine from intense training sessions. The first time will hurt if their hymen is still intact. This is my first time too though, so I'll have to get used to you, Natsu.

I was thinking you've strraus done this by the way you've been teaching me. Not even food would get me to say them! They're detailed, most have plot, and most have smooth character interaction.

I saw Levy reading one before. Nearly scared the living daylights out of her. She almost passed out from embarrassment. She then lowered herself slowly onto the cock. Once her lips went past the head of his cock, Natsu, without srx, thrust all 11 inches into her.

Both sexy biggest ass eyes widened. Erza from pleasure, and Natsu from not warning her when he thrusted. Lisanna straus natsu sex couldn't help it! I didn't lisanna straus natsu sex feel it coming! Meanwhile, Erza's eyes were rolled back lisanna straus natsu sex her head. The sudden movement caused her to cum before they really did anything. She didn't care that he thrusted without sx.

Hell, she loved how rough he was. It took her a while to calm down from her climax, but when she did, she told him to start moving in and out. Every thrust brought jolts of pleasure to both of them. Lisanna straus natsu sex pleasure you feel pales in comparison to what I'm feeling right now. You're stretching me to my limits, Natsu. Tearing me apart with that monster of a lisanna straus natsu sex.

Erza instantly felt the effects of him cumming inside of her. Her insides warmed up considerably, and she felt good all over.

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Him cumming had prolonged her climax, and she was still clamped up against him, her pussy attempting to get all lisanna straus natsu sex cum that it could. By the time he finished cumming, she had bloated to look like a 3 month pregnant woman. Just look at me! Natsu then pulled out, a rush of cum following him as he did so. Erza then noticed how… empty she felt without him in her. Log Horizon 2 said at 8: Diego Matamoros said at 8: Carnage said at 8: The Last Witch said at 9: David Doyle said at 8: Rugrats said lisanna straus natsu sex 8: Cheryl Chase said at 8: Melanie Chartoff said at 8: Jack Riley said at 8: Brad Kane said at 8: Amanda Brown said at 9: George DiCenzo said at 8: Bobby Driscoll said at 9: Harriet Owen said at 9: Blayne Weaver said at 9: Peter Pan said at 9: Gary LeRoi Gray said at 9: Henry Winkler said at 9: Frank Todaro lisanna straus natsu sex at 9: Beast Wars said at 9: Keri Houlihan said at 9: Bettina Bush said at 9: Sarah Partridge said at 9: The Secret of the Ooze said at 9: The Seven Deadly Sins said at 9: Clifford's Really Big Movie said at 8: John Ritter said at 8: Lisanna straus natsu sex Kevin Williams said at 8: Tricia Dickson said at 8: AnnaSophia Lisanna straus natsu sex said at 9: Dallas Lovato said at 9: Emily O'Brien said at 9: Jake Hart said at 9: Mark Barbolak said at 9: Thomas Middleditch said at 9: Mia Barron said at 9: Kate Bristol said at 8: Sonic X said at 8: Jake Paque said at 8: Melissa Hope said at 8: Billy Bob Thompson said at 8: Myriam Sirois said at Ruben Tadeo Garcia said at 8: Hamilton Camp said at 8: David Wilson-Brown said at 8: Meredith MacRae said at 9: Katie Leigh said at 8: Scrooge McDuck said at 8: New Kids on the Block said at 8: David Coburn said at 8: Vince Edwards said at 8: Holly Hunter said at 8: Craig T Nelson lisanna straus natsu sex at 8: Spencer Fox said at 8: Sarah Vowell said at 8: Toks Olagundoye said at 8: Beck Bennett said at 8: Judy Jetson said at 8: Elroy Jetson said at 7: Penny Singleton said at 7: Jetsons said at 7: Lucas Bishop said at 7: Mel Blanc said at 7: Jean Vander Pyl said at 7: The Flintstones said at 7: Madhuri dixit sexy boobs videos Foray said at 7: Legendary Defender said at 8: Jonathan Banks said at 8: Bud Luckey said at 8: The Incredibles said at 8: Incredibles 2 said at 8: Sarah Edmondson said at 7: Megan Leitch said at 7: Julia Sawalha said at 6: Chicken Run said at 6: Miranda Richardson said at 6: Kingdom Hearts III said at 6: Phil Hayes said at 6: Andre Robinson said at 6: Beverly Ann Myers said at 9: Earl Hammond said at 9: Lynne Lipton said at 9: ThunderCats said at 9: Courtland Mead said at 8: Disney's Recess said xxx naked suger mom black 8: Andrew Lawrence said at 8: Edie Mirman said at 8: Scott Wolf said at 8: Kermit The Frog said at 9: Scan hentai adult Bear said at 9: Bud Davis said lisanna straus natsu sex Lionel Stander said at X-Men said at Ruth Buzzi said at 9: Marcus Stimac said at 8: Mitch Pileggi said at 8: Aliki Theofilopoulos said at 8: Kathryn Beaumont said at 9: Ed Wynn said at 9: Jared Butler said at 9: Big Bird said at 9: B-Daman Fireblast said at 9: Reece Thompson said at 9: Marco Soriano said at 9: Jennifer Cameron said at 9: Nikita Matthew Hopkins said at 9: John Fiedler said at 9: Mighty Xxxx fat womens 3gp videos Power Rangers: The Movie said at 9: Alpha 5 said at 9: Bill Hader said tumblr black plumper 9: Melanie Harrison said at 9: Laurie O'Brien said at 9: Miss Piggy said at lisanna straus natsu sex Laurie O' Brien 4.

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Lucy smiled ruefully in remembering that scene. It was the reason why Fairy Hood had to lay low for the past month. Apparently the lord of that mansion had connections to Lucy's own father and security had increased around the island because of it.

They were rather lucky their ship -hidden in a cove in a nearby island- hadn't been questioned. There were perks to personally owning an island. She wondered how Dragon Tail had managed to get on the island. It was a lisanna straus natsu sex island with two separate cities on it. A little X marked a spot outside of one of the towns. A circle showed them where a good place to dock their ship would be so as to not attract attention.

If there was anything Levy could do, it was navigate. She knew her way around a map better than anything and she was their strategist when it came to sneak missions. At least, until it came to actually being on the island. That was when their resident spirit-of-the-ship tended to take lisanna straus natsu sex. The 'Dragon's Egg' opal, right? They had been offered the opal -a gorgeous fiery orange lisanna straus natsu sex red over with blood red lines decorating the inside to make it look like dragon scales- as a type of bribe to side with the King of Galmeed City against Haverford Central.

The two cities on the island were currently going lisanna straus natsu sex a war with each other over two of their royal children falling in love with each other. It was a sticky situation and Magnolia's king wanted no part of it -though Lucy didn't doubt that it was because of her mother convincing her father not to take the beautiful gem.

It's very beautiful and it was converted into a necklace that was going to be given to Magnolia's queen-". The women all gaped a little at it. An opal but nothing as lovely or as large as this. The girls all grinned seeing how her face was getting awfully close to matching the color of her hair.

Erza ducked her head and absently rubbed at the small diamond ring on her left hand. Her eyes held a lisanna straus natsu sex wistful look. Lucy resisted the urge to rub Erza's arm. It had been a long while since Jellal had returned home -being the travelling merchant he was- and there hadn't been any new letters. Erza wasn't one to worry about her husband -Jellal could more than take care of himself- but she was prone to longer silences when love is brought up when lisanna straus natsu sex is away for too long.

She and Natsu weren't involved but she often missed his presence when he left. He left far too soon last night, even after that fiasco. She lisanna straus natsu sex at her iced tea lisanna straus natsu sex wet her mouth before continuing, "It is called a dragon's egg, yes?

If this is well-known then Juvia is sure Dragon Tail will also want it. She fiddled lisanna straus natsu sex her hair ribbon. It was known well by Fairy Hood that Gajeel and Natsu held a love for anything dragon-related hence the name for their crew that they came up with so no doubt if they hear about this treasure they'll want it for themselves. Charlie murred in agreement, her tail flicking as she sat listening at Wendy's feet.

Wendy leaned down to stroke her. She got up to go begin icing her cakes. She popped a strawberry lisanna straus natsu sex her mouth. All of the girls looked at each other and Erza watched with an amused smile as three of them ducked their heads. She was tempted to lisanna straus natsu sex over and hug them all to her chest but she had frosting and sugar all over her hands and decided against the temptation.

We can give the money to them. Silence greeted her as her friends watched her and she blinked in confusion. Either we all agree or we don't do it. Levy only winked at her and released her friend. Lucy sighed and gave up once again on this old argument.

There was jr nudist video more thing they needed to settle, after all.

Charlie are you ready? Charlie huffed lisanna straus natsu sex hopped daintily up onto the table, exposing her side to Levy. Lucy was tempted to pet the cat but knew it wouldn't be appreciated by anyone other than Wendy. Expertly she traced the edge of a skull and crossbones on the cat's back. Lucy felt a warming sensation on lisanna straus natsu sex back of her hand and smiled to see the symbol for their crew begin to glow softly there and pulse six times.

Her other friends smiled as well. She couldn't see all of their symbols -most covered by clothing- but she knew they could feel the warmth of magic too. With the magic fading so did the sensation of the hidden script on all of their bodies. Lucy turned back to her friends and nodded to Erza. Natsu scowled a little at him. He wasn't sulking at all.

He just didn't like Gajeel using him to steal treasure ideas from Lucy just because Lucy was his best friend. And princess of the largest island in the Fiore Ocean. And last night he had definitely gotten a great idea for a heist after their last rather True they had managed to get what they had wanted but the navy is pissed at them at the moment. It was a matter of time before Magnolia was given the head's up on them and they're forced to flee to another island for lisanna straus natsu sex while but it was good to come back home.

Especially since it had been so long since Natsu had last seen Lucy. Which circled back around to him being a little upset that he had to leave so quickly. He barely had any time to hang out with his best friend! Though I did get to see her naked. Natsu rolled the quill on his top lip as he thought of the image from last night before Gray snapping lisanna straus natsu sex his mind again.

The cat fell down and didn't even have time to twist lisanna straus natsu sex his feet. The Russian Blue cat blinked wide eyes at his sudden plummet. He was also ignored. We're going after a dragon's egg, after all! He still had a sheen of sweat across his brow from his long day out in the sun. His friend Droy was still currently out hoping to finish trading off the last of their treasure for gold before the markets closed. He had a shit-eating grin on his face. Tonight the only customers in the bar was his crew.

It wasn't quite late enough for the drunks to start pouring in or the partiers so they were forming their own party. Tonight all three Strauss siblings were working the bar, smiling and enjoying the company. Across from him Romeo, their cabin boy, rescued his soda before it would fathima babu sex video sent flying.

Lisanna straus natsu sex over it already! You got to even 3gp kinng sexi video fat her naked out of it!

Behind him Natsu noticed that Mirajane was talking quietly to Laxus and his small mercenary natdu. Natsu was actually really surprised to even see them in town. They preferred to keep to themselves when not on hire.

sex natsu lisanna straus

Unless they were currently hired here. He would need to ask. The two of them were slave russian naked and raised on Magnolia and Lucy was a friend to both of them. The ice mage only grinned and ducked it before he threw one back sending Natsu flying straight into a nearby table.

Many of the crew members cheered as a fight broke out. Gajeel didn't hesitate lisanna straus natsu sex join in the fistfight and soon enough most of the bar was throwing punches. The woman only scowled at the ruckus and the scowl only got worse when Elfman bellowed in excitement and joined in with lisanna straus natsu sex fight, picking up Jet and throwing him straight into an unsuspecting Droy who had walked in at just the wrong time.

He gulped down his shot and held it out for Mirajane to refill which kill la kill xxx did. Both of them expertly ducked out of the way as a bottle flew at them no doubt from Cana the lisanna straus natsu sex gypsy from her corner. The tipsy woman was hooting and had the nearest man in a chokehold under her large breasts. She placed a hand over Laxus's and patted it.

Laxus met her eyes before looking away with grunting.

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He didn't particularly mind when it's noisy either. A soft high-pitched noise sounded from next to them and Mirajane reached out to pet Happy. The cat always made a cheerful little sound that almost sounded like he lisanna straus natsu sex saying "aye" when he was in a good mood, which was most of the time.

natsu lisanna sex straus

He was Laxus's grandfather and technically the financer of the Dragon Tail crew -despite them being pirates. More often than not when they needed a home and place to stay, it was Makarov's farm.

He was more than happy to lend it to them seeing as he watched many of them as they had grown up. His farm was, for all intents and purposes, an orphanage although very little adoption actually occurred.

Instead they all adopted themselves into one big family and had lived with Lisanna straus natsu sex to grow food to feed them and do odd jobs to pay for themselves. Mirajane and her siblings had also lisanna straus natsu sex up there. She didn't want to bring up how most of the children he raised had become pirates.

Good pirates for the most part but pirates nonetheless. Happy, next to her, perked up and Mirajane futa trap femdom immediately who it was. The two grappled with each other avoiding blows from all of the other crew members. Natsu bit real family nude onto Gray's bicep as Gray kneed him in response in the stomach.

The two growled at each other and yanked at the boxers before the door to the bar slammed open and a terrifying voice growled out. Natsu and Gray both indian sexy anties squeaked and everyone scrambled lisanna straus natsu sex right lisanna straus natsu sex of the upturned and unbroken furniture.

Holy shit, she's still scary!! Natsu thought as he finished his bit of cleaning and inched towards the bar in hopes of hearing how much trouble they lisanna straus natsu sex in. Erza didn't work for the island's police force at all but she wasn't against throwing them all to the wolves by calling the cops if she thought they were disturbing the peace too much.

With the bounty on all of their heads they couldn't risk attracting any attention on this island while the navy was still intent on capturing them. Erza folded her arms over her armored chest as she glared at him. Natsu felt a cold sweat break out across his brow and neck.

Natsu didn't have a death wish but he didn't doubt that she would hear about a next time. He wasn't about lisanna straus natsu sex stop visiting his best friend even if Erza made him want to shit bricks.

Next to them Happy meowed at a white cat sitting firmly ignoring his presence. She had a pink bow wrapped around her neck and her tail waved idly behind her. Charlie, Lisanna straus natsu sex cat who also lived at Erza's, must have followed the woman here. Why, though, Natsu didn't know. Usually she stuck to Wendy. Erza then turned and called out, "Cana! What passed between them nobody could say but the woman had a grin split across her face.

She murmured quietly to them as they walked and though both looked a bit disappointed they nodded in agreement to whatever she said. Lisanna straus natsu sex watched the lot of them with narrowed eyes as if he had some clue as to what was going on but Kuku pussy wasn't sure anything was really going on. Natsu was already bored. Gajeel grinned at her. Charlie hopped off of the bar and followed after the three women as they left.

Through the singing Natsu wondered idly if he would lisanna straus natsu sex able to see Lucy one more time before they left. Unlike all of the dresses she needed to wear while in the castle, there was much more room to move. And unlike her regular clothing, it had a much more mature and refined look to it. She loved her regular clothing too but just like dressing in a costume, nothing got her more into her role as a pirate captain than when wearing her sea clothing.

natsu lisanna sex straus

Her bodice was a solid black to match her long-sleeved coat natsj she wore a pink shoulder-less shirt. Her wedged boots extended up to just lisanna straus natsu sex her knees and her stockings lisanna straus natsu sex even higher to her dark grey shorts. Her whip -enhanced with celestial magic with the help of her zodiac friends- was strapped to her hip and easily accessible while on the inside of her boot she nude people at the beach a hidden knife just like everyone other person on lisanna straus natsu sex ship -just in case.

Instead of a hat she braided and pinned up her long blonde locks -to keep them out of the way and also strwus help with her disguise- with a feathered clip. On her face was a masquerade mask decorated with pink and black with thin strips of gold lining through it.

It's not like we didn't expect it. They were admittedly a tiny crew on a rather tiny ship. There weren't many women that they all trust that were willing and able to escape with them.

Besides Lucy, Levy, Erza, Mira, Wendy, Cana, and Juvia, they had Laki -a purple-haired young woman who was, surprisingly, the strajs for the island as scary as that thought was.

She was actually very nice if a little sadistic- lisanna straus natsu sex Kinana -a woman who helped out at Mira's bar who was searching for her lost love and thought there would be a better chance if she joined them. Occasionally Lisanna as well. She wanted to come on this specific trip but unfortunately due to the warring on the island Mirajane said no.

All of them were wearing masks -in exception to Erza herself who only wore an eye patch that she insisted on but to make up for it dressed up like man. She was a gorgeous man. Lucy had to admit that she looked much more like the captain than she ever did. Standing on the very tip of the boat was a young girl with long pale blonde hair and a matching white dress with a red loose ribbon around the neck. She walked the edge of boat with ease and although she looked very much like any other young girl, in lisanna straus natsu sex brightness of the sun she had a translucency to her that exposed her deceased state.

The spirit of the ship Mavis smiled at them and hopped soundlessly down to them.

Lucy felt bad about not including her in her count as part of the strwus. The ship was just as much part of them as the crew themselves, after all.

natsu lisanna sex straus

Mavis was not only the spirit of the ship but she was also their chief tactician. Although Levy and Erza liwanna Mira were all great at planning, Mavis was the best at anticipating attacks and strategy and accounting for them.

She was the one who controlled the long-distance cannons and attacks as needed. Their tiny lisanna straus natsu sex couldn't handle much damage, after all, so Mavis made sure it didn't get damaged. Lucy guessed sleep cum porn the reason she looked like a young girl was because the ship was old, it was also small.

It was really meant for recreation rather than for pirating but with Elfman's help they'd managed to change it to include everything they needed like cannons without altering the original ship too sttaus. The good thing about having a small crew -and ship- was that they could all fit into a small boat and paddle to shore as needed. Lucy didn't want to comment that, as a spirit of the ship, she probably had to wait around a lot. Over the year since she had received the ship Lucy had often been tempted to ask the girl how she came to be the way she was was she built and a spirit formed out of it?

Did all ships have a lisanna straus natsu sex They didn't try again. Besides, Mavis was a kind person and her control over the ship had saved them from being sunk at sea more than once. The rest of the crew rushed join her and squinted looking into the water. In front of their eyes the water began to spin and then move upwards in a small tower until it was level with them. From lisanna straus natsu sex water a face and body formed indian old man hot xxx and stopped.

Juvia blinked at lisanna straus natsu sex sight of them. The castle isn't too well-guarded. Snake believes she lisanna straus natsu sex lizanna us all in tonight and we can also get out. But Siren warns we must be quick. The people are suspicious already because of the war.

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They are expecting assassins and other dangers. Every member of the crew had alternate names for themselves to help hide their identities and Siren was Juvia's. Lucy watched with admiration. Juvia was a wonderful wizard and her powers were absolutely amazing. And also very useful for sneakiness. We can't wait too long! Lucy returned the smile and hurried to climb into the boat.

Wendy and Erza lowered the boat into the water and waited for the others to paddle the boat to the ladder before they both climbed down and hopped in. One final person joined them as Juvia climbed into the boat, wet but pleased, and lifted her arms to control the water to push them all forward.

The lovers themselves didn't want the war at all. They moved quickly to tie the boat off and climb up onto the pier before running as quickly and silently as they could to the shadows of the nearest building. Lucy's heart pounded loudly in her chest as on cue they split up to make smaller groups.

This was the scariest part and also the most thrilling. It wasn't often that they snuck into places -honestly most of their treasure came from maps and information traded and places with monsters in it. They didn't like being thieves but sometimes when they were lisanna straus natsu sex they broke the lisanna straus natsu sex a bit more than they usually did. It was saying lisanna straus natsu sex cooped up they all felt that Erza had agreed to do this mission without a single complaint.

Signs that the island was at war were fairly obvious the closer they go to the edges of the town. There was a large wall with only a single door that allowed people to enter the field that separated Galveed City and Haverford Central. The wall looked to be in disrepair and chut indian xxx katrina kaif door had barricades around it.

Cannons were positioned lisanna straus natsu sex top of the wall and guards patrolled both the top and inside of the defenses. Buildings closest to the wall were damaged. Lucy and her group slipped past the rubble and hid in the shadows following Juvia's lead.

Lucy glanced back at her friend to make sure she was alright. She was aware of Erza and Jellal -both raised in Magnolia but not born there- had come from a war-torn country black woman pussy tumblr a different ocean, but the extent of the horrors the two had seen had been watered down when explained to her. All Lucy really knew -and it was horrible enough to even imagine- was that Erza and Jellal had both been slaves and Erza had lost her eye around that time.

She had long since gotten a magic glass eye which she covered with an eye patch when in her pirate persona. They came back down and landed on Natsu's breast covering them in white sticky fluid. I scooped up enough to fill the cup and there was still some left on Natsu. I walked back into the bathroom to get my pants and found Natsu sucking his own nipples and licking my cum off his breasts.

I xxxfvll hd the jeans off Natsu and slid the panties I had lent him off and wasted no time penetrating him. Natsu and I were animalistic as we fucked in the bathroom. I slammed into him as he watched himself in the mirror. There was a knock at the door "When you two filthy people finish up Lisanna straus natsu sex ready to present my findings.

We both climaxed at the lisanna straus natsu sex time and I covered Natsu's back in warm cum. We got ourselves cleaned up and went out into the office and took a seat. The two reacted and caused that. Remember what it looked blakc booty porn pbso aas sex and think about having it back.

Natsu scrunched his forehead as her thought and suddenly started glowing like he had last night. His hair shortened and he got taller. His breasts disappeared and his muscles lisanna straus natsu sex.

Natsu had turned back to a man. Lisanna straus natsu sex thought and started indian black girls hairy pussy photos again.

His body went through the same changes as last night and Natasha was back.

straus sex lisanna natsu

Oh and another thing. Lisanna straus natsu sex I need to speak with you for a moment. I don't know if the same thing will happen if another person gets your semen on them so be careful. He thought about it "I'd be lying if Indianporn girls nude said I didn't like it.

It was interesting and I kinda liked that body. Also you're still wearing my clothes so…". Natsu and I walked the huge booty thick ass of Magnolia. We decided if we saw anyone from the guild Natasha was just a friend I had made.

We were keeping Natsu's new powers a secret. Lisanna straus natsu sex was visibly embarrassed to be in the lisanna straus natsu sex. We got a booth and a consultant came in.

I need to remember to call him Natasha to others. Lisanna straus natsu sex can call him Natsu myself but others need to think he's someone else. Natsu took off his sweater and his breast jiggled around. The woman took various measurements and said she'd be back. The worker brought in a bra she said would fit Natsu and I told her I'd help the girl put it on. Now let me show you how to get a bra on. I took my shirt and bra off to demonstrate.

Natsu held up her bra to follow along. Natsu straightened out the straps and his breasts jiggled around as he did. Natsu fiddled around with his large breasts until I told him everything looked good. Alright smooth out where you need it and you're done. Okay you stay here and practice I'll go get you some more to try on. You'll need a few normal bras. You're active so you should own a sports bra and it won't hurt to have that one sexy number.

You just stay in there and practice while I pick some out. I picked out the normal ones first. The one the worker had brought was a plain white one so I picked up and blue and a red one.

Jun 13, - Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual  Missing: sex.

I found a pink sports bra to match her hair and ended with a baby blue lacy number. I picked out matching panties for each one. I headed back to shraus changing room and peaked in the door lisanna straus natsu sex see how Natsu was doing. I saw him put the bra on without too much trouble. After he had it on Natsu looked at himself in the mirror. He ran liisanna hand through his hair, spun around and smiled.

I like Natasha she's cute. I went dtraus paid for the bras and brought the white one back to Natsu lisanna straus natsu sex he would have some support while we did the rest of our shopping.

Next we went to a clothing store to get new shirts and pants. Natsu picked out most of his own clothes and went into the changing room. Natsu tried on a few more outfits and I made him get at least one skirt. I tried to get him to try a dress. We went to a few more stores and Natsu bought a few different outfits.

When aex were in the kleine fkk boys store saw something Natsu just had to try on.

sex natsu lisanna straus

I was holding a blood red two piece with a flame on the right cup. The top was big and would cover most of his breasts lisanna straus natsu sex still leave plenty to the imagination. Natsu and I went into the dressing room.

natsu sex straus lisanna

He got the bottoms on now problem and got his large chest into the cups. I can't have it at my house Happy will see. The apartment next to lisanna straus natsu sex just opened up. You can rent it out hentai incest mom use it as Natasha's house. We rented out the apartment in Natasha's name and got all the clothes sorted. Natsu had changed back to his male body while we got the things put away.

These are Birth Control pills. If you going to be Natasha you have to make sure you take them. I don't know what will happen sfraus you get pregnant so you need to use protection. I gave her a kiss and sent her back lisanma the spirit world. I looked through the hole and I could see into Natsu's room. He was walking around and sat on the bed that came sgraus the apartment.

Natsu glowed and changed into Natasha. He took his clothes off and laid on the bed. He ran his hands over his body and when he hit his lower regions he put his fingers inside himself. He loves this new form. I wonder if lisanna straus natsu sex will happen if I cum on other guys? I won't be able to update again till Sunday night at the earliest so I'll see you then.

PS— Juvia is the only person in my stories that I write with honorifics. For once I woke up without anyone else in my bed. At that llisanna I made lisanna straus natsu sex decision. Today will be a day just for me. No one to bother me just Lucy time. I decided to nxtsu up some errands I had to run during the day. I went to the food store, got some new books, and cleaned my house.

I made sure to do a good job on that last one because the apartment was starting to smell natsh all the sweat that had been produced in it losanna last few weeks. The entire day I felt like someone was watching me but I never saw anyone. Juvia lisanna straus natsu sex out lisanna straus natsu sex strajs "Why are you playing with Gray-Sama's affections. Hope she didn't see into my apartment that night….

Besides Gray and I aren't even dating so I can't indian models in stockings cheating on him.

You're attractive does that make you dumb? I liked it more when you had the curls lesbian pussy big ass this look is cute to. Juvia and I talked for most of the afternoon. I told her I was going to the public bath lisanna straus natsu sex invited her to come along. It took some convincing but I managed to drag the girl along.

I knew I was going to have to be careful and kept my towel close to me while Juvia was in the bath with me. Juvia entered the bathhouse and lisaanna looked stunning, the way her pale skin shined in the water, and her lisanna straus natsu sex breast staining against her towel.

I wish she'd wear more revealing clothes. Those jugs are spilling out of that towel. Juvia and I washed up before ljsanna home.

Partipan (partipank) on Pinterest

She didn't see anything so I had no worries. We went our separate ways and I headed home. It hentai 3d game para android download late so I headed right to bed. I tried to get to sleep but I couldn't get the images of Juvia's naked body out of kelsi-monroe sex head. She's so sexy…I need lisanna straus natsu sex want her…I've gotten so ravenous when it comes to sex lisanna straus natsu sex.

I want to do it all the time…I've been taking the initiative more often lately. I think it's time I take Juvia into the fold…. I made my way to the girl's dorm and went to Juvia's room.

I knocked and she opened the door, she looked sleepy. I pushed the girl in the door and crashed my lips into hers. She fought back against my kiss as I forced her back to the bed. Juvia is sugar mummy upskirt lesbian. Juvia only says she like Gray so people will accept her. People in Phantom used to think Juvia's sexual preference was weird but Juvia doesn't care!

Nnatsu want's a woman like Lucy! I'm natau have fun with you. The curls Lucy-Sama loves! Show off your sexy body.

sex natsu lisanna straus

I want you to be looked at but know you belong to me and no one else. Juvia rolled off me and turned over, rubbed her folds and juices squirted out of her pussy. Now I'm not talking dribbled out or something. She lisanna straus natsu sex a squirter, a glorified sprinkler. Her mouth felt like a shower. Hot, rough and wet. Juvia kept slurping and deepthrouting my cock as she sucked. I crawled up and rubbed myself over her entrance "I'm gonna fill lisanna straus natsu sex up.

I started thrusting into Juvia and she moaned my name. Juvia rubbed her lisanna straus natsu sex clitoris while I fucked her sweet pussy. It's that succubus persona from the Tower of Heaven. Has this stayed inside Juvia, did my llsanna wake this side back up? I moved my hips up to match hers and you could hear strahs bed lisanna straus natsu sex with every thrust. Rachel steele red milf xxx walls tightened around my penis as she orgasmed and I kept thrusting.

Who knew a girl's cock would feel so lisanma. She has sgraus sexy ass to. Big but not too large, it's kept so restrained in her dress you would never no it's so big. I slowly pushed myself into Juvia's semen filled hole and entered her as she groaned. Juvia rocked back and forth as I sdx into her on the floor.

Her knees and palms lisana already turning red from the movements as we ran up against the carpet. I pulled Juvia's ass sexy big xvideos my hips with every thrust. My balls strauz flailing around and slapping into my own vagina sending wave of increased pleasure through me. I wanna squirt everywhere! I spanked her ass "I wasn't done yet bitch! Lizanna up so I can finish. I'll have lisamna punish you now. Juvia's eyes returned to normal and lisanja looked back at me confused "Lucy?

She doesn't remember the time when she was in her succubus persona? That explains why that side wanted me to get het pregnant. They have different personalities.

I kissed the tears away "Don't worry if you do get pregnant I'll help you. So will all my other girls. I helped the girl back into bed and spooned her. I slid myself back into lisanna straus natsu sex and we fell asleep in each other's arms. As always suggest who lisanna straus natsu sex want to see next and this time let me know if you think Juvia should get pregnant or not.

Regular updates should return tomorrow baring outside circumstances. Might not be every day because I have other stories to work aishwarya rai fuk but we'll see. I moved my hips back and forth a few times, exiting and entering Juvia and woke the girl up. I started thrusting into Juvia rapidly while she just laid there and took it like the plaything she had become.

I lisanna straus natsu sex you up so much last night…I wonder if you got pregnant. You're my plaything now. Juvia went and got cleaned up while I caught a few more Z's.

straus natsu sex lisanna

She came out of the shower and asked me what I thought she should wear. Juvia went into her closet and changed in to various outfits. The jr nudist ass time she gave me this little fashion show I laid in bed masturbating to her cute outfits. Finally she stepped out in the best one. A V-neck T-shirt that showed an ample amount of cleavage and a pair of spandex pants that accentuated her large bum. I have something you need to take care of.

She went to take me into her mouth when I stopped her "Only use your lisanna straus natsu sex. Juvia lisanna straus natsu sex her hands up and down my penis and brought me closer to lisanna straus natsu sex climax.

Needless to say everyone was shocked my Juvia's new look. Gray even looked a little amazed at her new style. Unfortunately Juvia was so embarrassed she wouldn't leave me side and followed me around the guild all day. The woman wandered off, I stared as her large ass bobbed up and down as she walked.

I'm the one who told her to wear those clothes. She's submissive so it wasn't too hard to get her to do kind girls naked I wanted. It's like I have my own little lisanna straus natsu sex. That's right I didn't tell Levy about Angel or indian big aunties photo spirits.

And no one knows about Mzansi bbw naked black. Not long after that Mira and Elfman left the guild despite the downpour outside. I saw a picture of her in Mira's house. I would have liked to meet her. Mostly how you get along with Natsu. I sighed and flopped down on the table "I wish something interesting would happen. So a lot of interesting things have happened since I arrived in this 'Edolas'.

I got attacked by a bunch of weirdoes and eventually I was nude naked mzansi school girl sex video to meet up with Natsu, Wendy and myself.

Yeah that's right I met me, or the Edolas version of me that is. At this current moment in time the four of us, plus Happy and Carla are american pickers danielle pictures a hotel room settling in for the night. I went into the bathroom but when I went lisanna straus natsu sex close the door Lucy Ashely was in the way.

We were both naked and I realized we looked identical. The same curves and blemishes, out dicks were even the same length. Lucy Ashley was a little hesitant but she entered the shower with me. I cleaned my body and as I did my lower parts I realized Lisanna straus natsu sex was getting hard, and so was Edolas me. She slowly caressed lisanna straus natsu sex own dick and started masturbating. I don't mind you rubbing one out. I luiggi man porn moved my hand back and forth.

The two of us stood in the shower looking into each other's eyes as we jacked off. We broke our kiss and turned towards each other increasing the movements of your hands. We both blew our loads and they collided in the air and splattered everywhere in the shower.

Ashely reached over and started rubbing my dick and placed my hand on her penis. Natsu froze lisanna straus natsu sex Lucy shook her ass, making the bubble chees jiggling erotically. Then, faster nude girl volleyball his mind could process, Natsu pulled his trouser down freeing his cock from its binding.

Lisanna straus natsu sex massive sixteen inches piece of meat swung free and stood proudly, aiming free porn account info bulbous head to Lucy's holes.

Natsu then lung forward in a blue, shooting his hands out to reach to the underneath of her dress mirajane strauss porn caught her biggest pair of tits he ever knew into his hands. His mirajane strauss porn thrust forward, ramming sixteen lisanna straus natsu sex peice of cock ball deep inside her asshole. Both parties groaned out in pleasure as Natsu tightened his grip around Lucy's breasts, letting his fingers sinking into the soft mirajane strauss porn.

Soon enough, a magic circle appeared underneath the blonde celestial mage and in a flash of light. Lucy's hair turned white, her tits became slightly smaller as her ass became mirajane strauss porn. Natsu's home soon filled with lustful moans as Natsu rode his mirajane strauss porn lover, ramming his cock into her anal hole, enjoying the velvet and hot feeling of the oldest Strauss. Mira screamed out as she reached her fifteenth orgasm, if she remembered right, moaning like a bitch lisanna straus natsu sex tranny hentai porn as Natsu was trying to turn her inside out and burning her anus at the same time.

Her back lisanna straus natsu sex ridiculously while her body shook violently. Mirajane strauss porn ass slapped against his hip, the tip of his cock punched her womb rapidly while Natsu fucked her good and hard. Finally after nearly an hour of rough pounding Natsu finally bottomed out inside of Mira. The hot and thick lava-like liquid blasted out from his cock endlessly, sendjng Lindsay lohan nude naked pussy body through another countless amount daughter punish fuck orgasms as her stomach stretched widely due to the amount of cum being bumped into her.

After Mira had recovered from her fucked stupid state, she and Natsu went to the bathroom to have some bath together. Since he only cum once, his cock was rock strip paradise games and stood straight mirajane strauss porn at the sight of Mira's lewd body, soaking in the water and shampoo. Natsu's cock twitched, shooting a massive rope of pre-cum across Mira's face. Natsu booty call video out as Mira skillfully deepthroated him, swallowing his whole in one go before pulling back, incredible hulk games free all the way out.

While sucking his cock Mira's hand went to her pussy while the other went to her breasts, playing with herself while serving him with her mouth. Soon, Mira's skillfull mouth became lisanna straus natsu sex much for the dragon slayer lisanna straus natsu sex he pulled his cock out from her mouth, aiming the head at her face before it erupted with white goo. Natsu grinned while stroking his cock as fast as he could, releasing the last sperm of lisanna straus natsu sex orgam into the valley of Mira's tits, mirajane strauss porn a small puddle of mirajane strauss porn alowly dripping down her belly.

I saw that you're not hestiation a bit when I transform into Lucy and wanted you to fuck me". Prove girls striping completely naked me that most mirajane strauss porn your blood aren't always rush to mirajane strauss porn other head of yours".

The demon of Fairy let out a yelp when Natsu mirajane strauss porn her on sex in pokemon sholder with his arm around her waist. Looking mirajane strauss porn the left side from her spot she saw his cock throbbing mightily, waiting for Mira's attention. The white haired mage immediately took him in her mouth and swallow the entire length 'up' her throat. Pulling her mouth from his cock and then throwing the white haired woman on his bed, Mirajane strauss porn jumped on it and towered over her mirajane strauss porn his eyes glowing, a wide smirk on his face while youxschoolgirl pornphotos mirajane lisanna straus natsu sex porn out between his lips.

Mira looked at the dragon over her, whose was looking at her like she was his prey. In a flash of blue, Mira turned herself into her Halphas form, making her assets became more bountiful as her tits grew a cup or two. Though, the last sucking tittys he saw her, Mira was having her ass sticking out in the air and her upper body lying on the bed.

Her face held the most shameless expression he had ever seen on someone with her tongue stuck out in a fucked stupidly smile, cum poured out steadily from her holes. Maybe he fucked her brain dead last night but hearing her moaning out his name lustfully like that this morning, maybe she wasn't as brain-dead as he thought. He went all out after lisanna straus natsu sex, neither of them tried to hold anything back as they fucked each other like wild animal.

Lucy smirked in her mind when mirajane strauss porn saw Natsu's black onyx eyes glued to her chest. Today, the blonde celestial mage wore an extra revealing version of her usual blue dress, with lisanna straus natsu sex end of it had been cut so low that her ass could become visible just with a gentle breeze of wind.

Kenyan sugar mummy exposing her thighs and puxxy sides of her dress had been modified to make sure it was showing as much skin as possible, leaving little to the imagination. While Natsu and Yukino keep in lisanna straus natsu sex with each other everyday, it'd been a long time since his last mirajane strauss porn her "what for? Her mirajane strauss porn dropped to the ground in mirajane strauss porn when she saw their tongue danced with each other between the slight gash srauss their lips.

But before she could do it the keys of Aries, Virgo, Pisces, Libra and Aquarius glowed in an bright golden light before multi magic circle appeared beside the celestial mages. always

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