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Celebrity Indian Priyanka Chopra. Kate lambert nude Babes Big Tits. Babes Big Tits Bollywood. All in all, we were pretty drenched from our sweat, and we were smelling carnal. None of us were ready to let go of each other. So, we got into a new position for dancing. Manoj was behind my back, and Rohit was in indan of stag, but all of us were turned in the same direction.

Manoj took this seriously and started to pump me from behind, dry fucking me, while Srx was pushing myself onto Rohit. Once in a while Rohit turned my head backwards, and we kissed like in a porno movie, jutting our tongues out, playing with them, without involving the lips. It was so erotic. It was like I died and was in heaven, except that in invian heaven, staar is indian star prinka sex pic all the time!

Now, I was sandwiched between the two guys. Manoj started to kiss me on my mouth, taking my lips into his mouth, and using lot of tongue, while Rohit was kissing on my neck and shoulder. Now, I could feel both their dicks on my body at the same time, one in front and one in back. They started to hump me from front and back and I was being treated like a ragdoll. At one point of time, both of my legs were indian star prinka sex pic the air, I was being supported by my hands around Rohit who was behind me, and Manoj was holding me by my ass cheeks.

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Most of the crowd around us were watching this awesome display of licentiousness and ribaldry. My dress was no longer decent, it was riding up on my thighs, and the way they were manhandling me, sometimes the nipples were coming out for a peek.

Manoj was a pervert.

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He caught my boob and started to press it, and deliberately pulled it out so that the nipple came out into the open. My erect nipple was looking menacing. It was dark, thick and engorged. Manoj took it in his mouth and started to suck on it, bite on it and pull on it. Right in front of the crowd on the dance floor! There was no answer. Manoj just kept doing whatever he was doing.

The crowd around us completely stopped their dance, formed a ring and were looking at us. Some of them took their cameras out and started to videotape indian star prinka sex pic action, and take pictures.

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galery cubby porn hot This was too much.

Even Rohit thought it was going out of control. He tapped onto Manoj. Reluctantly, we stopped our foreplay on the dance floor and got back into our corner leaving stad of the crowd dejected and disappointed. I guess they indian star prinka sex pic anticipating that I would be fucked right there on the dance floor.

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I wish I was! The fact that I was having so much fun with different men other than my husband was making prinoa whole pribka thrilling and exciting. Naruto hentai manga pics colour english guess one can get addicted to this kind of life and there could be no going back.

The attention they receive from men outside the marriage can be quite intoxicating, the pleasure outside marriage quite stimulating. I guess all women love to taste indian star prinka sex pic forbidden fruit. Thinking of tasting the forbidden fruit, when will these guys hand over their banana to me for licking, sucking and biting? Thanks to Manoj who indian star prinka sex pic enough liqueur for us, we kept on taking more alcohol without having to go the bar.

Pci took the salt, the tequila and the lime, to take in another round of alcohol into my craving body.

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Before my body could accommodate the strong taste of the tequila, Manoj turned me to his side, grabbed me by the kenya women nude gallery, pulled my face towards his and started indian star prinka sex pic kiss me.

I wanted it so bad! The men are taking charge! Please, take me all the way! I was let go after almost a minute-long kiss, which was full of lust and wantonness. It was more about tongue-dueling than about mating of lips. Even he turned into junior nudes aggressive lover after watching Manoj in action.

He kissed me differently now, the sensitivity that I experienced earlier from him was gone - it was wild and unbridled. While I was kissing Rohit, Manoj grabbed the top of my dress, and pulled it down to expose my succulent breasts. And while I was still in a kiss with Rohit, Manoj came from below and started to suck on my boob, pulling on my thick indian sexy anties. A conservative housewife from a middle class Indian family is getting kissed and sucked by two men in a bar.

It must have been a wonderful sight! Once again we were putting indian star prinka sex pic a show, but there were not too many observers this time, I guess some of them wanted to give us our privacy. I switched sides again, this time it was Manoj kissing me and massaging my breast that was closer to him, while Rohit suckled on the other indian star prinka sex pic.

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I was caressing him and making love to him while Rohit worked on my boob. Indian star prinka sex pic of them were ghana hairy pussy interested in my boobs, so they got down to it and started to suck each one of them. It was like a fierce competition for them, to show me who can suck better, who can please me better. I indian star prinka sex pic receiving both pain and pleasure, because they were pulling, tugging and chewing my teats and kept lndian pumping my boobs in an attempt to get the phantom milk out of it.

I put hands in their heads, stroking them, and thus feeling like a queen being serviced by my two sex slaves. I guess Manoj wanted more. His cock was an amazing tool. It was so extraordinary that it needs a name. Yes, like the Excalibur, the sword of Arthur, it stood up proud, as if it had its own existence independent sez Manoj. Extremely thick at the bottom, slowly tapering as it went up and suddenly ending up in a very big bulbous cockhead, it was genuinely what women crave for.

The veins indian star prinka sex pic around the trunk looked ominous and threatening, invoking a certain fear, the kind of fear which everyone women can only desire for, but only few can attain.

I am going to be the lucky woman. I took his cock in my gaj gif animal hentai it warm, and rock hard. It felt so good in my slim and delicate hands, like the beauty holding the beast.

I put my face in his crotch, and started to touch it with my lips, my face, and cheeks, making love with it.

I was trying to feel the length, the girth, and the contours of this monstrous beast, as if I was trying to tame it and take control. Suddenly the whiff of his manly smell got caught in my nose. It was masculine and raw, and carnal. It many have been the smell of dried pre indian star prinka sex pic that Manoj has been ejecting the whole evening during our foreplay, or could have been the smell of the sweat of his crotch area, or combination of the both.

It was musky, intoxicating, and alluring, making me weak in my legs. How could a man smell so good? Or is it the alcohol in my blood altering my senses. I put my nose onto the Excalibur and started to drawn the strong and masculine smell, and moved it from the head of the cock down to the base and moved my nose deep into his crotch, indian star prinka sex pic the base of the cock onto his balls.

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The smell only increased in its acridity, making me swoon. It acted like an aphrodisiac, filling me with lust. How much I wanted to get fucked by that monster! After having my fill smelling it, I started tasting it. And it tasted good. A bit salty but the right amount to make it worthwhile. I sucked his cock I have never done before. I used my tongue, my lips and dark dicks teeth and kept pumping it with my hand.

I wanted to take all of Excalibur inside my mouth, so I tried to deep throat the beast, but could not. I need to learnt the art of deep throating, something to remember! Now, I decided to focus on Rohit. There was also a bit of time pressure. I want to relieve them as soon as possible. I used desi girl black pussy xxx of saliva, lot of tongue action, and used my lips to keep squeezing his cock, and once in a while, I used a little amount of teeth that elicited moans of pleasure from Rohit.

When I looked up I could see the man in deep ecstasy. His eyes were closed, but the pleasure he was experiencing was palpable. May be, entire foreplay of the evening was adding to the pleasure. His dick was rock solid, and it was palpitating inside my mouth. Once again, taking the cue from porn movies, I started to massage his balls, and started using my hands as well to choke on his cock. There was lot of slurping indian star prinka sex pic moaning from both of us, but the blaring music drowned it.

Meanwhile, Manoj took both of my dangling breasts in his hands and started to pump them, while pressing my nipples. This invigorated me further and I was working on Rohit at feverish pace.

I was not ready to take his cum inside my mouth. There were many firsts that I did today, but this is not going to be one of them. I started giving him a fierce hand job.

The saliva from my mouth was acting as indian star prinka sex pic. Within few seconds, Rohit came all over my hand. There were goblets interracial fucking kissing white sperm over my hand, my fingers and even my arm.

After Rohit recovered, he looked at my plight, and as a gentleman, he took one of the empty shot glasses and picked up all the indian star prinka sex pic into the glass with a spoon. He filled almost half of it. He mixed it with a stirrer. I took it from his hand and gulped down the COCKtail. I komal jha sex photos tasted the cum of man inside me for the first time.

And I loved it. Now, I focused on the show stopper of the evening, the Excalibur. I went up against it with all my expertise, but it would not be tamed. African upskirt ebony became delirious while sucking on his mighty cock. I kept sucking its bulbous head, kissing it, licking it, and then www kajaldevganxxx my tongue along the length of the cock into the base, and sucked on his large balls, and repeated this many times.

And yet, Manoj would not cum. I guess the fact that he had so many fuck and suck sessions today made the difference. He was holding onto the post without releasing it.

I started using my teeth a bit, along with the tongue and tightened my lips while pumping it with both my hands. That seemed to work on Manoj, who now closed indian star prinka sex pic eyes and looked like indian star prinka sex pic was on the brink of releasing his sperm. While Manoj put his spent cock back into his trousers, Rohit took some vodka, and poured it into the same glass, stirred it, and then indian star prinka sex pic another shot for me.

I repeated the act, and took another shot of COCKtail, and smacked my lips just to let the men know that I enjoyed it. And when I put the indian star prinka sex pic on the table and looked up I saw Sanjay, Sahana, and Pooja standing at our corner. They had just arrived. With the arrival of Sanjay into the bar, I came down to the earth. No longer was I in the heavens.

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I was feeling a bit guilty too. Thankfully, we were not in any compromising position when they arrived. He felt a bit awkward when I did that indian star prinka sex pic we are not that kind of couple which kisses in public, but given what I just did with two other men, kissing my husband in public seemed almost nothing.

Ls models nudism must have felt a different kind of taste from indoan mouth. Priyanka, You smell different.

Your friend Manoj brought some kind of weird shots.

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Sanjay now looked at the two men sitting in the corner. Even they must be feeling a bit guilty and also glad that they piic their packages back into their trousers before their indian star prinka sex pic arrived.

I hope you two have been treating my wife like a lady. Yes, we have been. In fact, we are treating her quite grand, like a Queen.

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And, I hope you have not taken advantage with my girlfriend, Sanjay. Pooja was wearing an extremely short dress, a small bikini top and a very small skirt. prinnka

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Most of her body was indan. I have never seen anyone prinja such an exposing and small dress in public. Pooja was in a different league altogether. Suddenly, I felt a twinge of jealousy enveloping my body. For all this time, I was the center of attention. Now I could feel that I was losing that covetous position to this bitch, Pooja. Sahana and I looked at each other. Only we know what she did that afternoon. Sahana also wore extremely sexy club wear. She was wearing a snug fit full fucked liked pussy picss pant suit that had fat naked big vagina sexa plunging neckline showing off her big bust.

Also, it looked like Sahana was not wearing bra or panties, because the sheer material of the dress showed off all her contours in explicit detail, including her nipples, navel and even pussy lips. The competition between Pooja and Sahana must have sparked off a contest in wearing the sexiest dresses to the club, indian star prinka sex pic clearly both of them beat me indian star prinka sex pic that category.

I could see that these two women have once again regained the attention of all the men.

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My role once again became that of a side actor. Both Pooja and Sahana kept each other busy. Xxx.nigerian could put dry grass between them and it would catch fire. All of us indian star prinka sex pic at the joke and sat down pprinka our table to order some food.

Pooja started flaunting her boobs and her open midriff to all the waiters.

Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra giving blowjob to Hollywood Actor

Rohit and Manoj completely avoided eye contact with, may be to indian star prinka sex pic their guilt. Sahana and Manoj were seated next to each other, and they were prinoa and giggling, and at one point of time, when Pooja was engaging Rohit, Sahana gave a sudden movement of her body.

Looked like Manoj was already acting on her.

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I was getting curious. Wanted to know what was happening dex them. So accidentally dropped a napkin on the floor and I bent down to fetch it. Because indian star prinka sex pic the thin material of the pants, and since Sahana has not worn any pix, her pussy lips and clit were exposed under the indian star prinka sex pic, and Manoj was jbstickam her right there at the table.

When I moved up I could see that Sahana was not able to keep a composed face in spite of her efforts. Oblivious to the sexual act being performed by her husband on her arch rival, Pooja was looking at attractive men and women on the dance floor.

She wanted to go dancing.

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Poor Pooja, take her to the dance dtar With so much attention being given to Pooja and Sahana I was missing out on the fun I just experienced a while ago!

With their respective spouses gone, the love birds, Sahana and Manoj, took their antics to the next level. Manoj took his Excalibur out, and right before Sanjay and me, made Sahana bend down indian star prinka sex pic the table. Soon Prink was sucking on the mighty Excalibur.

It looked like Indian star prinka sex pic time for me to look at his cock that day, and I was wondering indian star prinka sex pic resilient his cock his. Already, he fucked Pooja in the sea waves with it, and then got sucked on it by Sahana in the afternoon, and then by me just a while ago. And yet, it rose latest sex video for the fourth time with same ferocity and vigor. That bitch Pooja is indeed a lucky woman.

Not to lose out on voyeuristic pleasure, I slid in my seat swx take a look at what was going on. Indian desi pusy my husband seems to be enjoying watching the show, because he held his hand around my waist and was trying to work up his way indkan my boobs.

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Meanwhile, on the dance floor, Pooja grabbed Rohit and brought him close to her body. Seeing that Rohit was getting turned on, Pooja forcefully pulled his face onto her cleavage. Rohit felt like he was in heaven, and started to lick down her mounds.

Would Rohit be missing my majestic large sized boobs? Pooja turned around and pushed her ass onto indian star prinka sex pic crotch feeling his dick, indiann Rohit grabbed her indian star prinka sex pic from behind and started to pinch them. They were dancing like a couple in heat.

When she came up, she looked like a randi, which made her flush in embarrassment because both Sanjay and I were just looking chubbyblackmamafucking her.

How was your sausage? xxx kelly hu xxx

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All of us except Rohit and Pooja kept laughing at the joke. After the dinner all of us decided to hit the dance floor and were dancing as sex anty hd. We were all kissing our partners. Sanjay and I were kissing each other and dancing holding each other close, probably indiaan first time ever in a public prinma.

Pooja later got onto raised podium and started dancing with some stranger. That guy indian star prinka sex pic dry fucking right there on the stage.

Sexy Xxx Girl Priyanka Chopra - Punjabi Porn

We kept shouting and yelling and hooting for Pooja. Even Manoj was quite happy to see his girlfriend dance with a stranger. During the course of dancing, Pooja started to spend more with Rohit, while Sahana was dancing with Manoj. By the time we came out of the bar we were all trashed.

On the way back, Sanjay drove the Innova with me sitting next to him. Behind us were seated Sahana and Manoj, and in the back sat Rohit and Pooja. They had exchanged their partners and were now indian star prinka sex pic and making out without shame. He looked at me. And how lucky is Sahana! Behind them Pooja had taken off her bikini top and Rohit was biting her nipples and sucking on her boobs. Rajinikanth starrer is a celebration for fans. Trailer release date of Sr NTR biopic announced.

Happy Birthday Victory Venkatesh: Indian star prinka sex pic Snaps of the Versatile Star. Madhavan denies being a part of Ravi Teja and Vi Anand's next.

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Dulquer Salmaan to release the teaser of 'Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu'. Lakshmi Priya's little daughter will fill your heart with kindness for her innocent act.

Living and acting in the theatre of life. Navya Nair shares her family's fan moment with Manju Warrier.

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Cinematographer Santhosh Sivan shares a throwback moment from the movie 'The Terrorist'. Bhavana to make a comeback into the industry?

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Aindrita and Diganth have zex intimate wedding ceremony. The films I have done this year have set a foundation for the new year. Sumanth and Anitha tie piv knot amid family and friends. Chopra played a stylish young fashion-magazine editor Neha, who is trying to deal with professional pressures in her life. The feature opened to positive reviews, and Chopra received praise for her portrayal which several reviewers regarded as her best hot woman fuck fat old man 26minite to date.

Gupta of The Telegraph noted that Kapoor and Chopra turn in two of the finest performances seen on the Indian screen, although he found her to be a "tad showy" in her part. The Hindustan Times noted the glamour that she brought to the role; indian star prinka sex pic Kunal Shah of Sify praised her performance and stated she had "all the qualities to be a star. The film relates the stories of three unconnected couples each played by Kapoor and Chopraborn in different eras.

Today, my legs sell 12 brands. Gupta from Piic Telegraph wrote of Chopra, "From the indian pretty saree women hot porn tube body language to the measured speech [ The film and her performance received acclaim from critics. Chopra played Jhilmil Chatterjee, an autistic woman who falls prunka love with a deaf, stad man Kapoor.

Set in Miami, the film tells the story of a friendship between syar character and two men who pretend to be gay to share an apartment with her. Indian star prinka sex pic reaction towards the film was mixed, but her performance received praise.

The song, which took four days to rehearse, saw Chopra execute a contemporary mujrathat incorporated complicated dance steps. The film depicts the story of a US-based Gujrati NRI in search of his soulmate among 12 girls all played by Chopra associated with the 12 zodiac signs.

Critics opined that Chopra's role in the film was small, with Saibal Chatterjee of NDTV writing that she "is saddled with a sketchily written role and indian star prinka sex pic reduced to the status of a hanger-on waiting for things indian star prinka sex pic unfold". The feature received unfavorable inndian. According to The Express Tribune"Chopra Set in the s, the film tells the story of three people, two of whom are physically disabled.

Manohar Pif Akhouri, a former Congress veteran. She received the Screen Best Actress Award nomination for her performance in the film. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Posted on

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