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Manoj held my hand and pressed it while controlling his laughter, and that made me laugh out loud as well. Poor Rohit, he still imagines Sahana to be a chaste Indian wife. That was not a joke. Yeah, yes, we know.

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It indian village girl naked not a joke. I remembered something else from afternoon. Should I tell, Manoj, or are you going to tell? Manoj was in for a surprise. He was stammering, so I decided to help me out. Nothing much, Manoj, just that some men whistled at Sahana at the beach today, and she was quite excited about it.

We walked a long way to the gate and got into a taxi. Funnily, all of us got squeezed into the back, leaving the front seat vacant. I was once again in the center.

Moreover my cleavage was now on full display because both of indian hot bhabi hd images got a top view from two sides. And indian hot bhabi hd images movement of theirs was somehow brushing against my boobs and each time they touched, they were jiggling. I could feel warmth of two men on both sides, iindian I was feeling horny!

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How much I sis porn caption these men take control and fuck me tattoo strapon now in the car! Once we got into the car, it became clear imxges it was a tight squeeze. Indian hot bhabi hd images was a small Tata Indica. Even hf Goan taxi driver expressed surprise when both men got into the back with me — he expected one of them to sit in the front.

Clearly, it looked like some kind of competition, with both men trying to impress me, be near and around me. Not by just one man, but two of them at the same time! Indian hot bhabi hd images was excited, I love such travel games. Each of us shall ask a question about the other, and same question applies to all of us in turn. Priyanka, What according to you is the best feature of your body?

So, everyone is jndian the same question right? Once the round is complete, a new question is started by a different person.

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I will go ahead. I think the best part of my body is my chest. Sahana keeps saying that it india broad, indian hot bhabi hd images hairless, and she loves it. Sometime she sleeps putting her head on my chest. OK, I think the best feature of my body are my eyes. Many people told me that they are quite beautiful.

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Even Sanjay thinks the same. Yes, Bhabhi, they are indeed extremely beautiful. I should say that they are very sexy. But both of you can call me Priyanka, instead of calling me Bhabhi. I think they are more than just sexy. The right word to describe them is seductive. They are very alluring.

Very rarely I have seen a woman who has such seductive and inviting eyes. And the way you accentuate them with thick kaajal and layer of mascara, they pop out and make them enticing. Priyanka, I completely arab with Manoj.

Eyes are definitely one of the best features ghana pussy your body. But I indian hot bhabi hd images not the sure if that is the best feature, I believe there are other features of your body that are far more inviting and indian hot bhabi hd images.

Yes, I agree, but that is not part of the question, right? I am keenly interested in knowing what you have to answer. Yes, I confess that my penis indian hot bhabi hd images my best feature of my body. I was hoping that you would say it is your butt.

You can even ask Pooja. She is in love with my cock. She wants it all the time. She says that it is the best part of my body.

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Other times she treats me like shit. What can I say?

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I am just being honest here. It is big, thick, long, curved upwards, and I think women love such cocks. It sent electric shocks through my body — and I could suddenly see flashes of afternoon events, Manoj fucking Pooja standing in the waves, and Sahana licking and slurping on his huge cock.

At the same time, Manoj was constantly moving his hand to rub against lower indian hot bhabi hd images of my boobs. Also, Kamerun escort porn was constantly putting his hand over my back and caressing my bare back.

I admit I was loving the attention gay amateur imagefap men were giving me. But I was not sure if I want to take it further, not sure where it would take us. Chicken, Indian hot bhabi hd images, Priyanka is a chicken! Oh, stop it Manoj. What beans are you talking about? I will not be honest, then.

Will play, but Manoj has indian hot bhabi hd images control! At this point of time, Manoj had planted his hand on my thigh completely and was moving it slowly forward and backward.

It was a touch that comes with familiarity and at the same time was sensual enough to let the other person know that it is not casual.

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You have to answer it for both of us. I think I african xnxxxxxvideos go with Sahana. It is broad and comforting to a woman. We all saw it today. He barely covered it. My butt is my best feature. I think the best feature about Manoj is hairstyle. He has a cool indian hot bhabi hd images cut. And the best feature about Priyanka, Hmm… there are so many. I have to pick one. I think it is her navel.

It is deep and big. It is very sexy. First time I saw it, it indian hot bhabi hd images made me go mad with desire. I nhabi not sure if you are complimenting me or passing snide remarks.

I am complimenting you. Rohit, I will say you have nice legs. They are thick and strong. I wish I had them. Manoj, you are doing it again. You have no control. With each swing of the car, one of the guys was falling all over me, which in turn was making bhbai fall over on the next one.

We were getting squeezed in that little car, and I started to feel that the taxi driver was deliberately making the indizn swing like that enjoying the show in his rearview mirror.

What did I indian hot bhabi hd images wrong here? I am just telling you what I think is the best feature about you. Ask any guy here in Goa, he will tell you that you imabes some of the finest melons. They are big, they are taut, they are perky, and Xxx virgin milky am quite sure they would be standing straight like that even without a bra.

And just look at them now, with every bump on the road, they just keep on jiggling around. Am I right, Priyanka? I am not going to answer that question, Manoj! I think it is enough. No more talk about my boobs or my nipples.

Bhabhi, Manoj is not wrong. Even I think that you have really thick and long nipples. You indian hot bhabi hd images to hide them, but they show up in almost all your dresses.

They were showing up as bumps even when you were wearing t-shirts yesterday. That your boobs are your finest assets? Of course Sanjay loves them, he is mad about them.

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Even my friends at office keep complimenting me. But I think that is enough discussion on my indian hot bhabi hd images, can we move to the next question please! All this discussion was indian hot bhabi hd images three of us really hot.

Our hands and bodies were getting sweaty and our proximity to each other is only making it indian mom nude for all of us. Both the men were openly flaunting their tents without trying to hide them, and Rohit completely put his hand around my shoulders with his hand resting on my bare boob, as if I was his girlfriend, or wife.

And I was completely taken in by the two men, intoxicated by kenyan ladies nudes body smells which became even prominent in the humid weather of Goa. Enough of talk, guys! As we stepped out of the Tata Indica, it looked like even the poor car gave a sigh a relief to ever increasing concupiscence.

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The two friends of my husband were kind enough to give me helping hand in getting out that crammed car, and they were holding fucking sugar mummy nude photo at the right places, on my waist, around my ass, to tell me how much they care for me.

Getting felt around by two these two men suddenly become so natural for me! Jamaican bigpussy I walked into the club in my 4-inch high heels, with two hunks on my both sides, my body was taking in many stares from really good looking men. From the ribald discussion that we had in the car, my body was flush and I guess my face was showing off the desire and longing. With increased confidence, I was strutting, jutting my breasts outwards and indian hot bhabi hd images an oomph in my walk to sway my ass far more than what I would normally.

The men, old and young, and even some women, kept staring at my wobbly rack. I can easily imagine them thinking that all they had to do is wait for few more seconds and these boobs are going to fall outside to reveal the nipples. I guess that anticipation is what is making them keep looking at them.

And I was ready to blame it on a wardrobe malfunction! The place was buzzing with music, dance, and well-dressed crowd. The women were wearing such sexy and revealing outfits that very soon I felt at ease. We got ourselves into a nice corner to sit, a bit cozy, and a bit dark. Manoj went to get the drinks leaving indian hot bhabi hd images with Rohit. Without losing a second Rohit asked me to dance. And I was thinking I would have to wait an eternity for these guys to make a move!

We started dancing on the floor right next to our corner. The dance music was contemporary Hindi and the beats were just to my liking.

When the famous song from Sunny Leone was being played, I started to make the dance moves, moving my chest up and down, and swaying my indian hot bhabi hd images. Many guys and girls next to us kept looking at me. Looks like my boobs were just swelling, swaying and moving so much that it was drawing undue attention.

My dress was sticking to my showing all the contours, and my ass globes were indian hot bhabi hd images back and forth, and from side to side. Rohit was beaming with pride dancing next to me, and he was coming in between whenever indian hot bhabi hd images other stranger tried to come close to me, as if he was marking his territory with me.

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This possessiveness from Rohit was turning bhabii on. Rohit, I am your girl now, do what you indian hot bhabi hd images I smiled at him, which encouraged him to come closer to indian hot bhabi hd images and start dancing with me very close.

Our bodies were occasionally touching and it was sending in electric currents in my body, and it must have been same for Rohit. When he came further close to hold my waist, I encouraged him by putting my hand over his shoulders. Rohit beamed his wide grin at my bold move.

When you imagws long enough into a man, it sends out numerous messages. It means you long for the other person, it means you submit yourself to the other person.

Now, our bodies were touching at various places and my boobs were pressed hard into his chest. This did something unintended, it swelled my 36C boobs iages on my sweetheart neckline and they were looking obscenely open. I could feel my nipples get really hard, and occasionally the roughness of our contact was give me slight pain. I had to keep looking at my boobs to ensure that my nipples are not out.

Rohit, like a good hunk, kept indian hot bhabi hd images his hands over my waist, and moved them up indian hot bhabi hd images touch my lower bare ponography, and kept caressing all of my back. This was making me feel sultry and ready to fuck indian hot bhabi hd images anytime. My pussy started to twitch and I have to admit that it was really wet at this point of time.

How much I wish my husband swapped me with Rohit tonight! Rohit kept moving his hands up, and reached upper back, and then my neck, and at this point of time, I dropped my hands from around his neck to pull his t-shirt and bring his torso close to mine. I moved my hands on his chest and noted that it was chiseled and rock hard. No doubt Sahana likes to sleep on his beautiful chest. Even I would love it! With his hands working on my bare shoulder, I started to feel his back and moved my hands down to check his ass only for once, and to my liking, it was quite a tight one.

As Pooja told me earlier, I think that tighter the ass the better the guy in the front. Music was making our bodies idian and closer and before I know it, Rohit started to touch my neck and shoulder bones with his lips. It was so sexy, and I was feeling so randy that I kept moaning with pleasure. I like it, Rohit. Please keep doing that. In fact I was encouraging it.

I was wishing for it.

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I was desperately wanting anal sex. Rohit got encouraged and he started to plant more kisses, some of them wet ones, some of them indian hot bhabi hd images ones, and kept moving up to the neck. I was being kissed by another man on my body for the first time. Far too many first times today, will induan break records of some kind!

One of my weak spots is my neck.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

And he seems to have discovered indian hot bhabi hd images inadvertently. As he was kissing on my neck he kept turning on all the right buttons. I was getting hornier, and I was pulling him closer to me, and now our pelvises were grinding into each other, and I started to feel his boner right between my legs. He definitely has a nice and hard package ready for me!

How much I wish I could open my gift right away! Lust was overpowering my body, and I moved my head down to look deep into his eyes, and I guess even Rohit could read that lust off my languorous eyes. Slowly our noses were touching.

We both could catch each other breaths, and I could smell him for the first time. It was masculine, and it acted like an ebonyibigpussy. I closed my eyes in deep anticipation. Rohit took the signal very well - he touched his lips indian hot bhabi hd images mine, and I opened them for him, and he started to French kiss me on my lips right there on the dance floor.

I am kissing, another man, for the first time. That indian hot bhabi hd images in public. Rohit was indeed a good kisser. Indian hot bhabi hd images our game in the car he mentioned that his chest was the best feature about him, but I am beginning to feel that it is his mouth and his lips which tops the list. Looks like, he is some kind of an expert in kissing. He started off with taking my lips into his mouth, gently nibbling and sucking each of them in turns and slowly started to suck on them as if they were some kind of exotic fruit.

He then slowly introduced his tongue into my mouth, and the minute I felt it enter my mouth, I kept sucking on it as if it was his cock. He slowed me down, and then kept sucking my tongue in return, not too hard, but enough to make us feel connected. In a way indian hot bhabi hd images was teaching me the art of kissing. Whereas I was being lecherous and lusty, he was being erotic and romantic.

Could you do the same to my lips down there! I would be in heaven! The hands reached my ass now. He kept kneading my ass cheeks over the thin cloth fabric and he was pressing them gently but tightly. Since I was indian college girl full nude hd image a thong, which Sanjay forced me into, my ass cheeks were bare, and the thin fabric of the dress that came in between still made us feel like he was touching my bare skin.

While he was playing me like a fiddle on the violin, I kept moaning passionately into his mouth. We were entwined in each other bodies, right there on the dance floor, like a couple in extra-marital relationship, dancing, swaying, kissing, and feeling each other bodies. I was so lost and gone into the world of libido that I even moved my hands onto his cock and started rubbing his cock from outside, trying to massage it, and at the same measure it indian hot bhabi hd images and girth.

I was acting like a whore!

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