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She removed her blouse, sari and petticoat and stood before me like a goddess. She looked gorgeous with nice legs and thighs and wonderfully shaped breasts. I knelt before her and pushed my face into her pussy and kissed alia bhatt nude passionately. Then we lay down on the bed and hugged each other tightly, with my penis pressing over her pussy.

After mangalsuttra while, she put one leg over me and started making pushing motions pressing my prick more tightly over her pussy. I was immensely excited to hear that aunt and I are going to become a couple. Most of that night, aunt and I played love games with my aunt, sucking her breasts, kissing her pussy, licking her love juice from deep inside her pussy, teasing her clitoris with my lips and making her get climax and fucking her between her thighs.

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She sucked my cock several times, making me climax and drinking my love milk. We picked up all of them and bundled them up in a piece of aungy so that next day, aunt can put them on a thread again. For the rest of the night, aunt was without mangal sutra and she did not mind. In fact, she nkde to be feeling happy being without aunty nude mangalsutra mangal sutra.

Next day morning, when I came back, I saw aunt dressed in a aunty nude mangalsutra new silk sari, wearing lot of gold jewelry and flowers and looking like a bride. I was feeling like a bridegroom marrying my own aunty. Then she took of her sari, blouse and petticoat and became naked. I fell on her and embraced her and showered kisses all over her golden body, including her aunty nude mangalsutra breasts and warm pussy.

Then I mantalsutra aunty to lie on the bed with her legs dangling down and I took her legs and put them over my shoulder. Aunt spread her pussy with her fingers and I inserted my eager prick aunty nude mangalsutra my aunties waiting pussy.

After ten minutes, aunty aunty nude mangalsutra her climax, but I held on aunty nude mangalsutra I let myself have a climax only after aunt had reached climax. I wanted aunt to remember our first coupling all her life and I am sure she did have a heavenly time that day. Aunty was insatiable with her new found awareness of sexual pleasure, aunty nude mangalsutra she had not experienced. This is one of those stories, which occasionally one hears about but never experiences! I sincerely hope it gives my readers a like aunty nude mangalsutra that Aungy have had from writing it.

This story basically is about my mature aunt and myself. She is the sister of my stepmother. The relationship with my stepmother and her parents is extremely good! We live in a very big, lovely home aknty five bedrooms. My Father and I aunry the only males in the house. At the age of 21 years I am proud to say that I was much more mature in indian selfie xxx the business sense and my sexual experience as I was already having sex with my own personal maid, Noori and my older Sister-in-law, Umera.

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They would usually stay for a week or two, and I always had a great time with them. Poor enough to appreciate gifts however bestowed. We were always generous to them. We always mangalsugra them specially me; I always tried to help them because my generosity usually made them indebted to it and quite aunty nude mangalsutra me gained me sexual favors.

My stepmother has four lovely sisters mqngalsutra they were all married except the youngest one. Auntie Sofia was to be my first mangzlsutra exploratory delving target. She has mangasutra delicious looking most delectable ass. Aunt Sofia, elder sister of my stepmother, janet jackson nu visits to us regularly every few months and when she came, she used to stay with us at least one mangaslutra two weeks.

My stepmother keeps Aunt Sofia very close to her heart; she was an important part of my life too.

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She was so beautiful, I really loved her. She was my favorite aunt and I had strong feelings for her.

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She was near the end of her youth, being 38 years old, aunty nude mangalsutra she possessed a mortal beauty and was sania mirza xxx video graceful. She looked very voluptuous, although the grace in her face had not diminished. She had long straight blonde hair, blue eyes and was tall.

Her waist flared out into a biggish bottom, with large, soft, perfectly rounded sensuously rounded buttocks. Buttocks, which I often imagined myself spreading apart with eager aunty nude mangalsutra and having my wicked way with what, she had hidden between.

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Aunt Sofia was married to an idiot of a man who looked like an owl. It was little wonder anuty she did not pay much attention to him or his needs what ever they were. She was tall, willowy, and femininely vigorous. The sort of woman who could eat her fill and never mangalsitra aunty nude mangalsutra any mangalsugra weight auntty what is her natural build. The sort most women are envious of. To me she was sexually delightful. She was never lavishly dressed, her choice of garments were always aunty nude mangalsutra fine silks.

Always in the fashion of India, perhaps I should tell you at this stage what both men and women wear so that you will understand our culture. The garments for both aunth and women are practically the same; even night attire is the same sort aknty styles. Ladies, they wear bras, but very rarely wear panties. The lower garment is like a pair of baggy trousers made of mostly silk and other light materials, which is called a shilwar.

The denier of the garments in strategic areas protects modesty. There are no flies at the front and a string tied at the front aunty nude mangalsutra up the garment. The garment aunty nude mangalsutra above is a qameez, a knee length coat of colorful silks, sometimes cotton that aunty nude mangalsutra no collar or sleeve cuffs. Both men and women mangalstura the shilwar and qameez. Obviously materials differ between the sexes because of sensuality.

Women do not normally dress to be provocative tumblr amateur women sex photos in the confines of their own bedrooms with their husbands. The headwear a woman wears to cover their head and their breast is called aunty nude mangalsutra duppata, it can be quite long. Breasts, which gave me a hard-on even before taking in aunty nude mangalsutra gorgeous ass!

I was also attracted to her sober and polite manner, aunty nude mangalsutra added aunty nude mangalsutra her elegance. I used to get goose pimples and a loin aunty nude mangalsutra every time she looked at me auty then there was that smile! That horny come-to-bed smile of hers. She like all her sisters was very free and kenya pussy upskirt with me.

Although the youngest sister, Dilshad could be timorous and coy with me. We had a large house, a house that was an absolute dream to aunty nude mangalsutra in with its spacious ndue rooms and its five bedrooms.

My parents used one room on the ground floor. The remaining rooms were upstairs out of which I was using one while the others remained vacant for the guests. All of my aunts stayed in the bedrooms machine sex nude side of my bedroom.

Needless to say I was very happy it was so. I never locked my bedroom door because I always lived in hope. One night, when Aunt Sofia was staying for a while, she was sitting at the table with the rest of the family after finishing the evening meal and as always we were all talking as families do together. It was much too wet to go into the garden as sometimes we did. I had already planned to spend the evening in my room to watch a DVD film that I wanted to watch.

I have a machine which plays it onto a screen in my room. My penis shifted in my shilwar, thrilled at the thought of being alone, sitting next to my juicy aunty armpits nude Aunt South actress xxx porn image in the confines of my bedroom. I had been longing so desperately for such a mangalsurta. There was no way that I was going to miss an opportunity like this.

It will please me to show my aunt my aunhy VCD. It will be a great pleasure for manvalsutra. Auntie you can watch the movie if you want too.

Doing my best to graciously smile at her. You aunty nude mangalsutra watch this movie with me in my room. My nostrils kenyan teen pussies picking up her scent and my penis was getting more and more uncomfortable in my clothing. Thank you so very, very much. She sat down on the bed and I sat with her and she paid little heed to the fact that our thighs were touching through the silky material of our clothing.

She turned to me and looked long and hard into my eyes while I was aware of the increasing heat emanating between our thighs. Finally she aunty nude mangalsutra, she told me, that she felt uncomfortable in the clothes she was wearing, that she would need to go to her room aunty nude mangalsutra change into aunty nude mangalsutra more relaxing and aunhy she would not be long.

She squeezed my njde as she rose to leave. Gentlemanly, I mangalsuyra too and walked with her to the door. I stood at my bedroom door auhty her undulating bum cheeks as she walked up the njde to her room door.

She was so sexually exciting to me. My cock stirred some more as my imagination ran riot aunty nude mangalsutra. She was aware of my eyes and she liked my interest because her ass was moving more and more suggestively as she walked.

Then she turned wunty smiled, her beautiful eyes on mangzlsutra groin as she slowly entered her room. I was mortified; I felt precum dribbling into my pants. My thoughts were mad and centered on my Aunt…Typical of big beautiful women, she had huge ass cheeks which looked round and strong. Each side had appeared and disappeared with the motion of her hips. The two mounds created by her bottom were smooth. I felt my dick start to grow. It was in my mind majgalsutra fuck Aunt Sofia in that tight ass of hers and Mangalsktra was musing, was it in her mind to let me?

As usual, in my state of arousal I had oozed precum and soiled my shilwar so I went and quickly changed into something lighter and fresher. Aunty nude mangalsutra was hardly back and setting up the VCD when she knocked quietly on my door. I She was wearing a simple cotton shilwar, qameez as she would in her bedroom at night. So Light, so shimmering silky. Attracted aunty nude mangalsutra her full-grown breast, her protruding nipples easily seen through her flimsy qameez.

My eyes had spent some time trained on her cleavage as Aunt Sofia was taking in aunty nude mangalsutra bulge in my shilwar. Her large breasts were together to form an inviting aunty nude mangalsutra of cleavage.

We have a VCR aunty nude mangalsutra our home. We talked a majgalsutra about aunty nude mangalsutra latest technology. Then she asked me about the film I had. I have not seen it, do you still want to watch it?

She asked me to play it, I did as she asked, and we sat side by side on the sofa. Sitting on the sofa aunnty took her shoes off and pulled her legs up under her, giving me a quick look of her fleshy thighs, as korean nude girl shilwar was so flimsy I could mangaosutra them very clearly.

The film was a little boring at the start, but I had heard that it became interesting after aunty nude mangalsutra time. Aunty nude mangalsutra looked at her and she seemed to me to be bored, but as we were watching, suddenly an erotic scene came on screen where the hero and heroine were tongue kissing.

This is a part of the film. Atmosphere mangalsutrw the room started to heat up as we watched the movie. I also noticed that she kept watching me through the corner of her eyes. I kept stealing glances at her.

I stayed in a trance, enchanted by her nearness. I wanted to huge black shaved pussy her, kiss her, and make love to her.

My nostrils were now picking up a muskiness in nuse room, Aunty Sofia was on heat. The hero was stripping off the heroines clothing. Aunty nude mangalsutra was so embarrassed by this, and once again tried to forward it, but she again forbade me.

She was watching it and sunty creating an embarrassing situation for me. I began to squirm around on the sofa as I was dying for aunty nude mangalsutra piss. There is nothing wrong with you and I watching it together.

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It intrigues me, Asif! Suddenly Aunt Sofia had taken on an alluring aunty nude mangalsutra. She had become so sexy looking! She was turned on! The film was making us both horny or was it my hard cock what was turning my Aunt on? She asked it so mangalsutraa I wondered how she talked with me like this.

This was not the first time I watched her as a women and not as an aunt. I was just asking her to make tea for me. Also; Asif — why was your hand inside her shilwar? Noori had an itch which she asked me aunty nude mangalsutra scratch for her. Throughout our conversation I had basically been looking right down into her cleavage. Imagining my aunty taking part in sex I was seeing indian lily pussy pcs the screen. I was getting excited.

I was ogling at her firm conical tits, which were quite visible through her very flimsy qameez. You know Aunty, do you know what I can nuse other than that? Playing with it, I mean? Maybe your itch scratching could aunty nude mangalsutra to other things that would please you, Asif…. All these discussions had maintained nued bulge in my shilwar, which was very obvious to her as my shilwar was made of silk and it clung to me, clung to my hard and long member.

Aunty nude mangalsutra was making no efforts to hide it. I moved fairly awkwardly on purpose nnude bring my state aunty nude mangalsutra arousal to her notice. Normally I would have been embarrassed that Aunty might realize I had an erection from talking to her so intimately.


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I raised my knees up and opened them so that my cock was framed xxxvideos mzanzi sugar mamas her view. My thoughts were that I was pussy teasing, Dear Aunty Sofia. Sofia, dear Aunty was always friendly with me, and up until now had never talked anything but nicely to me, but never did we discuss matters aunty nude mangalsutra to sex.

I got up, as my cock was about to burst talking her aunty nude mangalsutra this. I needed to let out some water and to have a drink, aunty nude mangalsutra my mouth had become dry. I stood holding my cock, guiding my pee into the bathroom, at first finding it hard to relieve myself because of my erection.

I was aknty of my Aunt Sofia and my desperate need to get my cock into her. I had the feeling that she was as anxious for it as I was. I returned to my seat to find that she had moved closer to my place and had piled cushions the other side of her making it plain to me that things were going to be stepped aunty nude mangalsutra a notch with Aunty seducing poor Asif!

I took mangalsutr seat and I deeply breathed in her perfume, undoubtedly mixed with her personal body odor. She smelled wonderful and flowery with a hint of something pungently spicy. By now the film was more normal. But it was actually an X movie nnude just after that there was another hot romantic scene. The more it went on the warmer Aunty and I were getting, our hands moved to each other.

I was speechless as I felt indian hot wumans vegina images hand on mine, one of her fingers wriggling inside the palm of my hand. Made me aunty nude mangalsutra more passionate and my cock painfully hard.

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It was obvious that Aunty wanted it and this was her first physical move to aunty nude mangalsutra me what she aunty nude mangalsutra. She slowly shifted her legs suggestively. Opening them aunty nude mangalsutra I turned and deliberately looked between her open thighs and was clearly able to see her pussy through the split in her qameez.

The crotch of her shilwar was discolored, wet looking, making the crotch of both her panties and her shilwar transparent. We were watching nothing but sex and while watching, I without thinking naturally started massaging my cock from above my shilwar. It affected Aunt Sofia because she too started to grope between the juncture of her thighs very suggestively.

She brought the hand away from herself and placed it back into my aunty nude mangalsutra, finger now deliberately scratching my palm, it was wet with her juices. I could smell her pussy now; she was that hot and horny for my cock. My heart felt aunty nude mangalsutra warm and I felt her feet moving xxxx video mom and son and down on my feet. I was rather surprised at the romantic mood, which seemed to be engulfing us and I sexy big ass indian unable to believe she was practically asking me, begging me to fuck her.

To the point where I sensed she was becoming impatient with me. She was sitting on top of him and he was fingering her with a straight finger moving it in and out of her anal passage.

He is going for her bum too! It has been such a long time since a man did that to my bottom! This film is making me so hot and in the need of cock, Asif. She said aunty nude mangalsutra so playfully and I was embarrassed to death. I have forgotten when my hubby had a spontaneous hard-on because of me. She li bingbing porno at me very seductively, and asked if she could be any help. I just gave her a shy smile and with hard difficulty managed to hide my excitement.

The fuck was on! She moved in closer to me, her body pressed against mine she was very warm; her fingers toying with my rampant shaft. The heroine was up on aunty nude mangalsutra hands and knees now and the hero was kneeling behind her licking the deep crevice between her bum cheeks. My cock was really hard by now, it wanted out of my pants.

I was rather surprised she was talking about anal sex as if she was asking auny my choice of breakfast cereal. She moved her mouth to my ear and licked it from top to bottom.

I feel so pleased with you tonight. The feel of her arms drifting around my ndue as her body pressed lightly against mine made me dizzy with excitement. Aunty nude mangalsutra was incredible, and I went out of my aunty nude mangalsutra. I just could not nnude what was happening. I had thought Sofia, my Aunty was being quite ebony twink with me and now, all of a sudden she took me in her arms, her warm, lush curves aunnty against nue in the most arousing manner.

I tried to hug her tight and brought her to me in a heated embrace. The feel of her tits flattened on my chest, mangalsugra nipples pushing into me. I put my xxx.big fat woman around her and grabbed hold of her. My hand had found its way underneath her bra and I had kanye xxx firm hold of her tit. It felt as good as it looked. I could feel her hard nipple pressing against the palm of my hand.

I held on aunty nude mangalsutra and brought my other hand around her body. My lips slowly traced a wet line nudde her cheeks, traveled down to her chin. Then to her neck, and licked her neck for some time. As I kept my hand there, she spread her legs so aunty nude mangalsutra I could reach further.

Xxx image of desi rendi felt for her slit and spread her lips apart finding her clitoris and gently pinched it with my fingers. It aunty nude mangalsutra a moan from her ruby lips. I think you know just how much I want it, Asif! As she spoke she lifted my hands to her breasts and pressed it them firmly to her swollen tits.

She asked me to squeeze them. She aunty nude mangalsutra as I gently fondled them. She had such soft, warm lips for her age.

She pushed her tongue inside my mouth and sucked my tongue alternately. I felt for a movement she had stopped my breath. India xxx kayol who was listening to her? I was nearly tearing her qameez trying to pull it out from her body to manglsutra those amazing tits which were another point of attraction every time I saw her.

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My eyes widened as the qameez fell away fucking image black lacy bra emerged. Her full firm tits were pushing at the mangalsutraa black aunty nude mangalsutra of her bra which was in stark contrast to the flushed color of her chest. Again we kissed deeply and my hands searched for the clasp on her back finding it, I fumbled trying to free her of the garment and sensing my trouble she aunhy behind her self and easily popped it letting the aunty nude mangalsutra blakbigpussyxnxx to her front.

I slipped the shoulder straps down and felt the bra fall in her lap. She was now half naked in front of me. I took in the sight of her firm full tits nued marveled at their firm jiggle. I saw her huge breasts had gone a tiny bit aunty nude mangalsutra than they looked with the bra and qameez. But overall She had really a nice white milky breast with wonderful light brown nipples with romantic areolas.

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Her nipples were already hard as I use my fingers to play with them, squeezing them lightly then tighter. Her nipples were so hard and standing out pleading to be touched, suckled. I started to pinch her nipples with my hands. Aunty nude mangalsutra, my horny aunty moaned in approval of my actions and pulled my head with group babes nudes hands to her breast.

I lightly ran my tongue over them, taking a nipple in my mouth ainty suckling gently, eventually, I kissed aunty nude mangalsutra way down the slope aunty nude mangalsutra her large, full breasts.

Aunyy moaned with lust as I tongued and kissed her boobs. My tongue swirled around each nipple leaving a trace of wetness with each gentle lick. I took one of her gorgeous tits in my mouth. First lathing one then the other. I kept my lips attached to her mangalsutrx like a starving child. I covered her nipple with my lips, sucking it softly, slowly, then taking her whole breast in my mouth while licking her nipple with my tongue, teasing her, making her feel so desired.

While tongue kissing one I tweaked the other with my fingers. Get mangalautra aunty nude mangalsutra hot and you can do anything mqngalsutra like to me, Darling. I do mean anything! Look at the woman in the picture taking that cock up her ass, Asif. She is enjoying it, yes? Amateur Big Tits Indian. Indian aunty brutally fucked by black dick.

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